Improving business results with embedded A.I.

Predicity { pri-‘di’-si-té } noun, the quality or state of being able to predict

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Harnessing the power of advanced Analytics

How do we successfully embed A.I. in your operating model?

Business Plans

Business improvement mindset

Target critical & high impact decisions; apply robust problem solving and project management, measure success by P&L impact

Data Science expertise

Data Science expertise

Distinctive data science and data engineering talent; state of the art and flexible A.I. platform; superior custom algorithms for each issue

Finance Optimization

Change Management support

Stringent focus on appropriation by the business; user-friendly tools embedding A.I. in existing processes; change story and blueprint

Unique mix of talents to design, build and embed distinctive A.I. solutions

Pragmatic approach, fixated on rapid, tangible and lasting results

Significant investments in R&D to help navigate opportunities and pitfalls of A.I.


First A.I. algorithm deployed by our data scientists


Clients projects where we have delivered impact through A.I.


PetaBytes of client data processed by our A.I. platform


Years of experience in data strategy and data science


Algorithms applied to a wide array of business issues


Offices: London, Paris, Gdansk

Featured case studies

Cosmetics design

Creating new cosmetics using formulation data and AI to enhance perception and boost the creation process

Intellectual Property

NLP and Neural net model that “reads” millions of patents and documents in order to highlight most innovative / disruptive ideas

Loyalty Programs

Smart scoring model suggesting best offer for each member of a loyalty programs in order to boost airline and hotel fill rate

Customer perception

Measuring customer perception of brands / products vs. marketing efforts and sales forecasts to better manage product lifecycle ROI

Predictive maintenance

Predictive failure analysis to avoid manufacturing downtime, critical equipment defaults or IoT breakdown

Manufacturing optimization

Gathering manufacturing data to reduce defaults and maximize production based on line characteristcs, materials

Some of the issues we have succesfully modeled and improved with clients

Drive growth

Enhance product lifecycle, drive sales and margins, and overall customer experience

Customer acquisition & retention

Loyalty & rewards

Lifetime value

Segmentation, MMROI, Brand impact

Reduce risk

Leverage insights and foresight to measure, predict, and mitigate risk

Credit risk

Insurance risks (underwriting and claims)


Predictive maintenance

Improve processes

Drive efficiency and effectiveness in critical business process with data

Patent and document classification

Trends and weak patterns identification

Digital manufacturing optimization

Olfactory perception optimization


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